Updated March 26, 2020

ATTENTION: Because the COVID 19 virus is making its way slowly into Saskatchewan, and although we have no cases of any Piapot members or staff to have the COVID 19 virus, we feel it is in the best interests of the community health to suspend school and daycare until further notice. The Health Centre will remain in operation, Band Office, Security and Water Treatment Plant staff will remain in operation with a small number of staff for essential reasons. On reserve services such was water delivery, septic & garbage pick-up will remain in operation as usual.

Despite the Saskatchewan medical officer advising to not close schools at this time, we have decided to proceed with this as a precaution because First Nation communities are more vulnerable because of limited access to healthcare.

Due to how quickly COVID 19 moves through populations and how quickly it can change circumstances, we feel this is the best decision at the present time, and will continue to assess the situation on a daily basis. To keep yourself updated and informed, please continue to check the website and Piapot’s Facebook page for updates.

Health Services:

  • Rotating schedule will be implemented.
  • Implementation of pandemic plan including forming the pandemic planning committee. This includes meeting with partners (e.g. First Nations Inuit Health, ISC and Tribal Council) for pandemic planning consultation.
  • Assessing community buildings for infection control. Once assessment is complete, recommendations will be made.
  • Audit on immunization on HeadStart and Daycare.
  • Hand hygiene training for students and staff.
  • Process on entering homes. Health will use colored and laminated paper to distinguish members health status.

Chief Payepot School:

  • Closed until further notice.

Daycare & HeadStart

  • Closed until further notice.

Band Office Services:

  • Will remain in operation with a small number of staff for essential reasons.
  • Soap and hand sanitizers will be stocked up for facility use.
  • Band Office will be thoroughly sanitized on a frequent basis (offices and common areas).
  • To minimize risk to exposure, we will be limiting the amount of traffic to the band office. This will include introducing new security protocols (e.g. by appointment only, sign-in/out sheets, etc.).
  • Social Development – No walk-ins will be accepted; visits will be by appointment only.

Water Services:

  • Business as usual.
  • Water pail fill controls will be disinfected frequently.
  • Members will be required to sanitize their water jugs with bleach regularly.
  • Communication notices will be posted.
  • Back-up drivers available in the event drivers get sick.

Septic Services:

  • Business as usual.
  • Back-up drivers available in the event drivers get sick.

Housing Services:

  • Business as usual.
  • Communications on proper hygiene and sanitation will be delivered door-to-door.

Large Gatherings:

  • Effective immediately, large gatherings will be discontinued. This includes bingos, Cree classes and round dances, etc.

Care Packages:

  • Planning the availability of proper supplies for the most vulnerable (seniors and elders 65+) is pending due to the availability of supplies.


  • To minimize exposure, we are discouraging our members from loitering at community buildings and other public facilities.

Non-Essential Travel:

  • To minimize exposure, we are discouraging staff and members from unnecessary travel.

As of March 19th, Piapot has coordinated the following initiatives in relation to the COVID-19 crisis:

  • Financial Assistance
    • One-time financial assistance of $155 is available to all on and off-reserve Piapot band members (18 years & older).
    • Band members are required to apply online.
    • Elders will automatically be registered and are not required to apply. This goes for on and off-reserve members.
  • Home Learning Packages (for Chief Payepot School students and Daycare & HeadStart Children):
    • The teachers of the school provided home learning packages to all on-reserve students and Daycare & HeadStart students. Packages were picked up on March 19th.
    • Supplies included were educational materials, games, snacks, etc.
  • Lunch Program (for Chief Payepot School students and Daycare & HeadStart Children):
    • On Thursday, March 26 between 9am-12pm, Chief Payepot School have provided food packages for families who usually would been offered lunch while at Chief Payepot School and Daycare & HeadStart.
    • Please bring a reusable bag.
  • School Spirit Week
    • School continues to conduct social media interactions with students; for example: Spirit Week, Elder Prayers and Songs and is posted on the School Facebook page.
  • Elder Cleaning Care Packages (For Elders 65+):
    • Cleaning care packages were prepared and were delivered to all the elders on the reserve.
  • Elder Assistance (For Elders 65+):
    • Assistance is available for on and off-reserve elders.
    • This includes assistance with grocery shopping and prescription/medical supply pick-up, drinking water jug pick-up and delivery. Only essential errands will be considered.
    • If you require assistance, please call George (Delbert) Toto at (306) 530-7332. He will dispatch assistance out to the elders.
  • Curfew (For those 18 years and under):
    • A Notice of Curfew was implemented and began March 24th.
    • This is to decrease the amount of travel amongst residents in order to decrease community transmission of infection.
  • Limited Travel Advisory (For everyone):
    • Everyone is advised to limit their travel to and from the city in order to decrease community transmission of infection.
    • Please only consider travel for essential errands (groceries, medication, doctor appts.).
  • WTP change of hours:
    • Hours have been changed to 8:30 am – 4:30 pm every day of the week.
    • Water Treatment Plant Security – Implemented March 22, 2020
    • Security personnel (1) will be stationed at the entrance driveway of the WTP
    • Keep track of traffic and deter off-reserve residents from coming to get water
    • Purpose is to mitigate the risk/or spread of the virus from outside carriers and decrease community transmission of infection.
  • Border Patrol Task Plan
    • Border Patrol Task 1 was implemented beginning evening of March 26th.
    • Patrol to deny entry of non-residents & non-band members with the exception of essential staff and providers.
    • Monitor traffic flow & remind residents of risks, to mitigate the risk of infection spread, promote non-essential travel, promote social distancing and flatten the “curve”.
  • Elder 65+ Food Boxes for on-reserve
    • Provided by Health & School
  • Piapot First Nation Health:
    • Information packages were developed and provided to Elders 65+, this includes the color-coded signage to use to indicate communication and to be viewed externally.
      1. Health is currently working on a system for chronically ill.
    • Dr. Robertson is offering a virtual clinic on Facebook and regular clinic will occur April 3
  • Communications
    • Continually provide communications
      • Video updates from Chief Jeremy Fourhorns, currently at 3 video updates.
  • Work from home plans for most staff
    • Staff have their equipment and necessary supplies to work from home
    • Virtual Video Conferencing set-up in place
  • On-going Medicals processed early and distributed.
  • Elder 65+ Utility Assistance was provided early and distributed.
  • Work & Planning is continuous.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in this matter.


Health Canada Website:

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  1. Thanks to the team who have kept us informed on a daily basis.The pandemic has caused great concern for the wellbeing of our elderly and children along with ourselves.The updates are a welcome relief to the questions we all have about the safety of our nation.Well done,,,

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