Job Description

Reporting to the Daycare Director, the Childcare Worker will assist other worker’s and the centre by preparing meals for children, maintaining their hygiene, monitoring them for health, behavioral, and emotional concerns, providing them with age-appropriate instruction and to ensure that children are learning and socializing in a positive way. Assist with sterilizing toys, play areas and other duties to ensure children are in a safe, engaging, and clean environment.

Daycare Worker Responsibilities:

  • Providing care for children, such as setting schedules and routines, grooming, feeding, changing diapers, and cleaning rooms and toys.
  • Developing and encouraging age-appropriate learning and socialization to ensure children learn basic skills and concepts, such as communication, manners, sharing, etc.
  • Maintaining a safe workplace by monitoring children for health, behavioral, and emotional issues and reporting concerns to staff and parents.
  • Helping children discover new interests by introducing them to art, music, sports, and other potential hobbies.
  • Ensuring children are learning positive behaviors and providing guidance or approved discipline, as needed.
  • Preparing children to enter the next level of care or for entry into school.
  • Working with parents to help children progress towards educational and behavioral goals.

Daycare Worker Requirements:

  • High School Diploma, Level 1 ECE or equivalent.
  • More education and experience may be required or preferred.
  • A valid driver’s license.
  • Certifications, or training may be beneficial or required.
  • Decisiveness, patience, and stamina to chase after, lift, or carry children.
  • Record of immunizations, Medical certificate, CPIC, First Aid and CPR, WHMIS and Safe Food Handling.
  • Exceptional communication, teaching, and interpersonal skills.
    Attentiveness to the needs and safety of children.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please submit your resume to:

Kimberley Lavallee- Human Resource Manager
Piapot First Nation
General Delivery
Zehner SK S0G 5K0
Fax (306) 781-1710 Email:

DEADLINE: September 17, 2019 @ 4:30 P.M.

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