One-time financial assistance of $155 will be available to all on and off-reserve Piapot band members (18 years & older) to assist with their COVID-19 preparedness efforts. *This includes all Piapot SA clients.


  • Must apply online. Note – Elders (65+) on or off-reserve will automatically be taken care of. They are not required to apply at all. We will use the Elder Utility List as reference.
  • Must be 18 years and older (as of March 26th)
  • Must provide valid mailing address.
  • Must provide Treaty Status Number.

Application Form

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Frequently Asked Questions (Please Read):

How Will I Receive My Assistance?

  • Payments will be made via direct deposit.  If you do not provide direct deposit information, a cheque will be mailed out.
  • Screenshots/photo of direct deposit information or a void cheque must be provided. The account must be in your name. You cannot provide another person’s bank information to use as your direct deposit.
  • No pick-ups will be allowed (except for elders). Those elders who are NOT on direct deposit can pick up their cheque from George (Delbert) Toto at Creeland Mini-Mart on Monday, March 23rd between 1-2:30pm. For elders on-reserve who DO NOT have direct deposit or CANNOT pick-up at that time, can contact George for delivery at (306) 530-7332. For elders who live outside of Regina, those cheques will automatically be mailed.

Can I use another person’s bank account information for direct deposit?

No, to mitigate fraud we are not allowing people to use another person’s bank information. If you do not provide direct deposit information at the time of application your cheque will be mailed.

Can I pick up my cheque?

No, only elders can pick up their cheques from George Toto at Creeland Mini-Mart on Monday, March 23rd between 1-2:30pm. Elders that receive direct deposit for their utility assistance will receive this the same way.

Can I apply on behalf of someone?

Yes, but the banking information must match the applicant’s name.

When will I receive my payment?

Direct Deposit: You should expect to receive your payment within 4-6 business days of applying.

Mail-Outs: You should expect to receive your payment within 6-8 business days of applying. Out of province could take a few extra days.

How will I know if my application was submitted?

Upon applying you would’ve have seen a message on the screen saying your application was submitted.

Also, you will also receive an email (if you provided one) within 3-4 days to say that it has been received and is currently being processed.

I cannot access the internet to apply online, how else can I apply for this assistance?

The only way to apply for this assistance is online. It is your responsibility to figure out a way to apply online. Band Office staff will not be responsible for assisting with applications.

Is there a deadline to apply?

Yes, you have until March 26th to apply. Due to the nature of the situation and to keep our staff safe we’ve implemented a short implementation period.

I’m turning 18 years old after March 26th am I still eligible?

No, the cut-off is March 26th.

For inquiries: