How to Apply:

  1. Fill out application form. Application can be downloaded below.
  2. Submit your application form and supporting documentation by emailing it to:
    Note – Due to COVID-19, faxed or mail-in applications will NOT be accepted at this time. Please use email only.

Funding Application Form

Post-Secondary Program Policy

Funding Priorities:

  1. Continuing students (previously funded in the last term) who have sponsorship funding months remaining and are in good academic standing.
  2. Applicants who have recently graduated from high-school or equivalent (i.e. ABE, GED).
  3. Applicants who have never been sponsored by the program.
    Note – The number of students approved for each funding term is dependant on budget available. If you fit in the above group(s) you could still be denied funding due to budget constraints.

Important Dates to Remember:

  1. Fall Semester = June 15th student application deadline.
  2. Winter Semester = October 31st student application deadline.
  3. Spring/Summer Semester = March 15th student application deadline (Available to 3rd and 4th year students)

For Any Inquiries:

Contact Kristin Francis, Post-Secondary & Communications Administrator at or by phone at (306) 541-2494.