Mission Statement

The Piapot Post-Secondary Education Program (PPSEP) is designed to provide post-secondary students of the Piapot First Nation with the opportunity to participate in and complete post-secondary programs of study for the following purposes:

  • Empower Piapot First Nation members
  • Promote personal growth and skill development
  • Enhance individual self-reliance
  • Foster individual community self-sufficiency
  • Advance higher education of the Piapot First Nation people

In achieving the above goals it is intended that the PPSEP will support the development of each student’s self-respect; self-fulfillment and an improved understanding of his/her relevancy in society.


To support Piapot First Nation students in pursuing post-secondary studies at fully recognized and authorized public post-secondary institutions and PPSEP-approved private institutions. The PPSEP is a formal branch of the Piapot First Nation on the basis of approval policies and procedures for the program as outlined in Post Secondary manual.

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