Learning Models

 In-Person & Remote learning with enhanced public health measures


As we prepare for a return to school at this unprecedented time, the health and safety of our students and staff is top priority in our planning.  The decisions we make in all areas of concern – health and safety, teaching and learning, transportation – are made with extensive consultation with Chief and Council, Piapot Health Services, and our community members.

Chief Payepot School has been preparing plans for return since late May. These plans will be shared with our families, staff, and the community so informed decisions can be made for our children. Plans are currently being finalized to offer two options for learning this year, in-person, or remote learning (students learning from home).

Possible options are as follows:

  • Online learning for all students, delivered by the teachers from their classrooms.
  • Part time online learning and part time face to face learning (half the students attend Chief Payepot School, the other half are at home and alternating days)
  • All students attend Chief Payepot School; Small group face to face learning (10 students per class) for half a day.

Registration & Parent/Caregiver Questionnaire

Chief Payepot School is requesting parents and guardians to register and fill out a survey about how their child(ren) will participate in school in October: in-person at school, learning remotely at home or a combination of both. This is to determine class sizes, staffing numbers, and levels of support and resources (custodial, PPE) required to open our schools.

Registration Starts: August 12

Back to School: October 5 (In-person and Remote Learning)