Head of Security
Randall Lavallee


What is Piapot Security?

Piapot Security’s mandate is to monitor and protect Piapot First Nations property and assets.

How does Piapot Security accomplish this?

Piapot Security nightly monitors video surveillance and patrol public buildings. 

What property and assets?

Band Office, Health Centre, Payepot school, Day care, Band Hall, Heavy Equipment Building(Green Building), Water Treatment Plant and Old Daycare.

What Surveillance?

Piapot has video surveillance at the Band Office, Daycare, Band Hall, School, and Water Treatment Plant construction site.  A surveillance monitor post is set up in the Security Office.

When is Piapot Security on duty?

Piapot security work nightly 7 days a week.

Where is the Security Office?

The security office is located at the old Daycare.

How many employees in the security department?

1 manager and 5 security guards make up security.

When was security started?

Security was started in 2013 after a vandalism incident at Payepot school

When was the Security manager hired?

In March 2019 Randall Lavallee was hired as Security manager.  Previously management fell to different departments.

January 2020